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Celebrate Adoption

Welcome to CelebrateAdoption! In 2001, our family was blessed with a daughter, who was born in China and joined our family through the miracle we call ADOPTION. Since then, our family has expanded with the addition of two more daughters!  Our second daughter joined our family in 2004, was also born in China and joined our family through adoption.  Our youngest, a bio "surprise" baby girl, joined our family in 201l.  

Many other families have experienced the joy of adoption that our family has experienced and together, with them and their children, their families and friends, we wish to CELEBRATE ADOPTION together.

Our website was initially a resource, a compilation of links and information about adoptionin general that I gathered while waiting for our daughters. Since then, it has grown to be known as a wonderful resource for adoptive families as well as a place where you can order unique items that celebrate adoption and forever families.        

Adoption World

We are proud to offer a great line of adoption apparel, gifts and more that will help you celebrate adoption and forever families!  We will gladly make custom orders and take special requests so if you're looking for something and don't see it in our shop, email us and let us know what you want.  We will do our best to make it available for you or point you to one of our vendors that can help you.   


Celebrate Adoption

We are excited to offer a variety of quality jewelry items for adoptive families and those that support and desire to celebrate adoption.

We were the first to have ever designed and produced DTC Pins™ for families adopting from China and have continued to do so for many years. We have also designed and produced several charity related lapel pins, adoption agency pins and others.

Be sure to scroll through the list of lapel pins and charms for super sale prices and discounts on older DTC designs. If you are looking for a DTC Pin™ from a past DTC group and don't see it below, please email us as we may have a few left in stock for sale that are not listed on the website at this time.

If your DTC group or adoption agency, or other organization, would like us to help you design and produce a special pin or other items, please email us.


Adoption Tax Credit

Tax benefits for adoption include both a tax credit for qualified adoption expenses paid to adopt an eligible child and an exclusion from income for employer-provided adoption assistance. The credit is nonrefundable, which means it is limited to your tax liability for the year. However, any credit in excess of your tax liability may be carried forward for up to five years. The maximum amount (dollar limit) for 2015 is $13,400 per child.  Read More


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If you own or operate an adoption related business, adoption agency or business that offers multicultural products or adoption related merchandise, and would like to advertise here on CelebrateAdoption.com, please contact us.  When you write to us, please include your name, contact information, website address, description of your business and any additional infomation you feel important.  We love to feature other businesses that are related to adoption or have multicultural products that may interest our readers, visitors and customers.